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Are You Ready To Raid?

Are You Ready To Raid?

This document has been updated as of December 2014 for the Warlords of Draenor raiding environment.

Let’s start with some general questions, in no particular order.

  • Gear – Is my gear for my spec around 620+ (please read the details of this requirement as you might need to be specific about ilvl for each spec independently)?
  • Class – Do I know my class reasonably well?
  • Addons – Are my addons current (updated), specific, and setup for raiding?
  • Enchanting – Have I enchanted everything for my relevant stats and spec?
  • Gems – Are my gems relevant and maxed were possible?
  • Sundries – Do I have all the items I need e.g. buff food, flasks, repair gold, pots, trade upgrades (like speed belt for an Engineer), etc…?
  • Research – Have I watched videos, read strategies, and generally done research that applies to both my specs for the expected bosses?
  • Time – Will I be ready to start on time and do I have the time to go through to the finish?
  • Technical Concerns – Is my connection reliable? Is my latency okay? Can my computer handle the fight?
  • Self-Awareness – Am I prepared to go over my own performance and see if there is anything that can be improved?
  • Mumble – And the setup of – specifically feedback. Will I be a hindrance while talking on Mumble?

Old raiders will likely be looking through this saying pft, I do all that, but some new players might look at this list and say ‘It’s just not worth it’. Firstly, it couldn’t be more worth it. When you down a new boss for the first time you will know what I mean. Secondly, this is not a list of ‘if you don’t know it, you can’t come’. What I am hoping to achieve through this document is twofold. To give old raiders an idea of priorities for War Mach

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